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                                 WELCOME TO LAURALEIGH FARMS

Meet our Instructors:

Brenda Randle, Senior Instructor
Brenda rode a horse for the first time at the age of 3 and received her first horse, Dolly, at the age of 5.   Her love for horses fueled her desire to learn as much as possible about them and share that love and knowledge with others.   This path led her to delve into the world of natural horsemanship studying the methods of Monty Roberts, Clinton Anderson, Richard Shrake, Ga Wa Ni Pony Boy and many others before attending a Pat Parelli tour stop in Atlanta in early 2001.  After seeing Pat and Linda Parelli and their Savvy Team with their horses, she knew that she wanted to study the Parelli program. Brenda and her Parelli levels horse, Sky, are currently working in Level 3 and will be taking the Liberty and On Line tests this fall.
Brenda operated a highly successful riding school in Alabama from 1984 to 1987.  After moving to metro Atlanta, she began teaching again in 1999 and also became a volunteer equestrian coach for Georgia's Special Olympics.  In October of 2001, she established LauraLeigh Farms as a small, exclusive training facility for those who want to learn all aspects of horsemanship .  

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